Hanayo is now the Ripple website.

After many months, after many changes of deadline, Hanayo is now the Ripple website. It has been a crazy adventure for me to get Hanayo done, and it's the first step in an attempt to get rid of all of the PHP code. Now that all the old website pages have been implemented on Hanayo, it's now time to move on to the new stuff which we've refrained from developing for the last few months. In case you still want to access the old website, you can do so here: old.ripple.moe

We have a lot of things on the list. First comes beatmap listing, which is a very requested feature and that we are willing to make in the next few weeks. Then there's profile backgrounds, which should have been in the initial release of Hanayo, but have been cut out to respect the deadlines, though the new one is tomorrow, so no big deal. It's taken me 260 code commits to achieve the website I was craving for, and eventually it's a dream come true. After dealing with the two things mentioned before, effort will probably go into developing the forums. Yes, you read that right. The forums. Deadline for them is 25-12-2016, and I really hope to be able to get a christmas present for you guys done by then.

And now, since it's 00:26 here, I shall go to bed. It's been an incredible day.

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